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Q : Can I deposit money and bet on Xbettors app?

A : No. Xbettors is a betting tips app not a bookmaker.


Q : Why i don`t receive notifications?

A : Select from main menu the “Notifications” tab and make sure the buttons are active.

If the problem still persist, check your phone settings.


Q: On how many devices  can I be logged in simultaneously?

A : Any account gives you the possibility to use two devices simultaneously, so you can use your phone and tablet, two tablets or two phones, iOS or Android. If you already use two devices, you must log out from a device to connect to another.


Q: Why can’t I see the app available on the App Store or Google Play Store?

A: Minimum iOS required for this app is 10.0 and minimum Android version required is 5.0.


Q: The match from the app is not on the offer of my bookie. Where can I find it?

A : We strive to offer you the best available tips. Our tips are found in the offer of most bookies. If your bookie don`t have it, try to find it on another bookmaker.


Q : Why the odds in the app differ from the odds of my bookie?

A : When we choose a match we select the average odds found in the offer of the bookies. Every bookmaker chooses their own odds which can be higher or lower than our selection. Also, the odds can vary until the start of the match. Our odds are not guarantee.


Q: What does stake means?

A: Stake on Xbettors app is represented on a scale from 1 to 10 and corresponds with the probability of winning, where 10 is the highest.


Q : Can I rate the Xbettors app?

A : You can rate us on our Facebook page, appstore or google play.

For any other questions use our “contact us” section from the main menu.

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